No. The original season 1 voice-actors have already recorded their lines for seasons 2 and 3, making it impossible to include a lot of changes that David has mentioned in videos or Discord chats. We will be sticking to the original script, with a few clean ups on dialogue if needed.

No. Only animations made in Blender will be accepted. The only exception would be if we absolutely love your animation, but you’d still have to move to Blender to work on this project.

Applications are checked several times a month. If you didn’t get a response within said time frame, you’ve been denied.

Yes. However applying with the same work will just get you denied again. If you get denied it’s because the team wasn’t fully convinced. The standard is pretty high as we have plenty of animators and composers at the moment, skin designers being an exception.

Whilst the animation likely won’t be as perfectly polished as Season 1, our team is more than capable of achieving a very nice-looking animation. We have some very talented people on the team and we hope you’ll give us a chance.

Yes, we are. Things like lighting, sets, rigs, weapons and such will be reused. However, things like the soundtrack will be kept to an absolute minimum. Of course we will be using themes and such made by Dan.

Some team members may upload behind the scenes of their own to their personal YouTube channels. We may release some behind the scenes videos in the future although we don't have any concrete plans at the moment.

We have a google form where you can apply although do not apply if you're very green to animation or the position you are applying for. Apply here

You can get it in #announcements by scrolling up for a little bit. It's a message sent by Spy and you have to react to :raised_back_of_hand: to get the role. The message is also pinned in that channel.

Y E S.